RIO 2016 Olympics Soccer Watch Live Online on Android Devices

Would you like to watch RIO 2016 Olympics Soccer on your Android device, a tablet or a cell phone? Wonder how it is done? Instructions on how to watch RIO 2016 Olympics Soccer on Android phones and tablets.

All the RIO 2016 Olympics Soccer will be shown on the UK TV channels BBC and ITV. They have English speaking commentators and their streams are free, meaning that these are the ideal way for watching RIO 2016 Olympics Soccer online on Android devices. But, how can you get access to those streams when you are located in another nation. This is how it is done!

Can I watch RIO 2016 Olympics Soccer on my Android devices? Yes, you can!

Watch RIO 2016 Olympics Soccer on Android Systems >>

The most important for this to work is that you will need an English IP address which is something you can get using the VPN services of HideMyAss. A VPN provider will let you connect to their servers in England, and once connected you will have an English IP address, and that is what is needed for you to be able to get access to the live streams from RIO 2016 Olympics Soccer on both BBC and ITV in England.

RIO 2016 Olympics Soccer by HIDEmyASS


Click the Link above, sign up and download the (HideMyAss) client from the Google Play Store. You are now halfway and almost ready!

Further steps to watch RIO 2016 Olympics Soccer on Android >>

Open your HideMyAss client and connect to a server in England. When this is done you need to do as follows:

  • Open Settings – Applications – Google Play Store.
  • Depending on your Android system you can either directly press: Clear Data, or you you will have to press “Storage” and then “Clear Data.”
  • Return to your desktop and open Google Play Store. You will now have access to the UK Google Play Store and you can download both the BBC and the ITV application.
  • Start the given applications and watch the live streams you are interested in from RIO 2016 Olympics Soccer.
  • You Can Also Watch Other TV Channel Here >>
  • For US coverage, head to NBC Sports
  • For UK coverage, head to BBC Sport
  • For Canadian coverage, head to CBC
  • For Australian coverage, head to the Seven Network
  • For French coverage, head to Canal+
  • For Chinese coverage, head to CCTV
  • For Brazilian coverage, head to Rede Globo

You are ready to watch RIO 2016 Olympics Games Live on Android >>

If you have followed these steps you are now ready to watch RIO 2016 Olympics Games on Android devices from all across the world. If you do not have an Android system but an iOS system, then these instructions are for you. If you have a Windows computer, read our basic instructions on how to watch RIO 2016 Olympics Games online.

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