RIO 2016 Olympics Soccer Watch Live Online on IOS System

Do you want to watch RIO 2016 Olympics Soccer online on your iPad or iPhone? How can you watch RIO 2016 Olympics Soccer online on iOS systems? Here you will find easy instructions that will tell you how it is done!

RIO 2016 Olympics is the highlight of the year in 2016 for football fans, and if you have an iPhone or an iPad on which you want to watch the matches online, then these instructions will tell you how you can do so, no matter where you are located in the world. There are lots of TV channels broadcasting RIO 2016 Olympic, but few have English speaking commentators and they are hard to watch online. So, how can you solve this and still watch RIO 2016 Olympics Soccer on your iOS device?

Can I watch RIO 2016 Olympics Soccer on my iPad or iPhone? Yes, this is how it is done!

Watch RIO 2016 Olympics Soccer on iPhone and iPad >>

In England BBC and ITV will broadcast all the Euro 2016 matches. If you want to watch these matches online in their applications you will first of all need a UK IP address. It is easy to get that, and the best way is using the VPN services of the provider HideMyAss. Click the LINK beneath, sign up for their services and you are almost ready.

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Click To >> HIDEmyASS

Now you can find the HideMyAss application in Apple Store. Download the app from there, start the application and connect to a UK server. You can once again open Apple Store and search for BBC iPlayer and ITV application, as those are needed to get access to their live streams. Most likely you will not find them as these applications only are available for people with a UK registered Apple ID. If you can’t find the BBC iPlayer and ITV applications, this is what to do:

# If you have the ITV and BBC applications downloaded, then you are good to go. Just start them and watch the live streams from RIO 2016 Olympics Soccer on your iOS device.

If you can’t download the BBC and the ITV app from Apple Store >>

If you can’t find the BBC and the ITV app in Apple Store, then you will need to create a new Apple ID. That can be done easily.

* Visit >> and create a new Apple ID.
* Make sure to set your ID with an address in the UK and just add any kind of phone number. Here you can get yourself a random UK address if needed.
* Confirm the email sent from Apple once the ID has been created.
* Enter Settings – iTunes and App Store and log out from your current ID and log in with your newly created Apple ID.
* You can now enter Apple Store again and download the ITV and the BBC applications from Apple store.

Notice that the ITV application require that you have iOS 8 or newer.

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Now that you have the BBC and the ITV applications on your Apple device you just use HideMyAss to have your UK IP address and you are ready to watch all RIO 2016 Olympics Soccer matches online on your iPhone and iPad. Have fun!

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